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Learning to Follow

April 25, 2012


Over the past several years of school, I have become aware of the ways I learn best, and the subjects that I’m good at. Along with learning the places where I succeed, I have had to face the places where I struggle and learn how to improve in those areas. The biggest problem that has […]

Utilizing Technology

December 8, 2011


When I walked into the first Age of Ex class, I was a bit unsure as to what the class would entail. Within the first few weeks, it became obvious that the class would involve utilizing technology in many of the projects. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the idea of using technology […]

Almost at the finish line

November 2, 2011


At the beginning of the project, I knew little about the topic of The Reformation. The term “reformation” sounded familiar, but my knowledge as to what the period of time dealt with was greatly lacking. I began my research by following the list of suggested tasks by searching Wikipedia to find basic information about the […]

Freedom in Research

October 26, 2011


When choosing a history course to take this year, I heard the words “Project based class”, and I was sold.  Given I strongly dislike history and can’t stand listening to people lecture during class, Age of Exploration sounded perfect. I remember thinking to myself, “Well, it’s history, so it’s going to be boring no matter what. […]