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Backseat Driving

April 23, 2012


economy: the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought in a country or region  – Merriam-Webster English Dictionary We’ve all heard about the economy: in the news, from our parents, from anyone who deals with money, really. “The President’s plan will invigorate the economy,” or “the economy’s not doing […]

Hardly Working

December 8, 2011


In an independent research-based class, there’s a lot of free time, presumably to do work. For many kids in our class, working is an unattractive option. The other day I looked around me in Age of Ex to see a kid on my right playing “Rubber Ninjas” and the guy on my left watching South […]

An Isolated Religion

November 18, 2011


In mindset as well as location, the original Anabaptists were isolated. Left in the wake of Martin Luther’s famous Protestant Reformation in the early 16th century were numerous smaller, odder new religions starting to form. In 1525, Konrad Grebel and a group of his followers, who believed “necessary” reforms were needed, broke off from Huldrych […]

Mission: Possible

November 2, 2011


When I began this project, I knew nothing about the Reformation. I’d never even heard of it, apart from hearing the name Martin Luther and knowing there were sects of Christianity called Protestants and Catholics. I knew nothing about how these came to be, or really what went on in the world at all in […]

Research Conundrum: Bias

October 26, 2011


Somehow, two different articles can use the same information but be completely different. It all depends on how people present or skew the information. These are the two articles I first read on the 16th century’s religious reformation: James D. Tracy’s book, Europe’s Reformations, 1450-1650: Doctrine, Politics, and Community Johann Kirsch’s article on the Reformation […]