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Organization of a Major Project

May 14, 2012


In Age of Ex, our assignment as a class is to make one documentary on some portion of the American Revolution, and make a “Making Of” video, where we document the process of making the documentary. As you could imagine, organization is a huge challenge in a group project with 16 students, although I think […]

The Council of Trent and Their Relation to Martin Luther

November 18, 2011


The Protestant Reformation brought radical changes to the beliefs of Christians in the fifteenth century. As the Catholic Church was being greatly damaged by the force of the Protestants, the Church had to do something in response as they grew in followers and gained power. Therefore, the formation of the Council of Trent was a […]

Lessons from Research Projects

November 10, 2011


At the beginning of the year, I chose to take Age of Exploration over Medieval World because I needed to improve on my project and researching skills. I know that I can write an interpretive essay and take tests or quizzes, but when it comes to researching and presenting, I could definitely use some work. […]

Halfway Done

November 2, 2011


Mid-Project Refection When I started this project, I didn’t know anything about the reformation. To start researching, I went on to OES databases such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Ancient and Medieval History Online. I took notes and compared the information of these sources. I found it interesting that just two people, Luther and Calvin, could […]