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It’s Not Just About Research

May 1, 2012


In Age of Exploration this month we are all collaborating as a class to create a documentary about the Boston Tea Party, and right now we’re still trying to create a storyboard to shoot our documentary off of. Because this is a group project, we’re facing a lot of difficult problems with organization and workload- […]

Paradise Found?

January 17, 2012


For my third project in Age of Exploration, we picked seventeenth century political figures. The complete the project, we must write a bibliographical essay and also participate in an in-character discussion. My character that I chose was the English poet John Milton. I decided to study him because I have heard of one of his […]

Understanding John Calvin

November 18, 2011


The Reformation in the sixteenth century was a time of great change in the Christian church in Europe. This series of events shifted power away from the church, and helped to create a divide between church and government. At that time period religion and worship of God was a part of everyday life, and thusly […]

Learning About the Reformation

November 4, 2011


When we started looking at our unit on the Reformation, I was almost clueless. At that point, I had a few vague memories of this topic from history books in years past, involving a man nailing a paper to the door of a church. But other than these generalized recollections, I knew little or nothing […]