Almost at the finish line

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At the beginning of the project, I knew little about the topic of The Reformation. The term “reformation” sounded familiar, but my knowledge as to what the period of time dealt with was greatly lacking. I began my research by following the list of suggested tasks by searching Wikipedia to find basic information about the Reformation. Once I began to get a general sense of what the Reformation was, I continued gathering information from other sites in hopes of finding a specific topic that would interest me. I noticed that in every article I read, two men, Martin Luther and John Calvin, were mentioned several times. I had no idea why these two men were so important during this time period, which made understanding pieces of articles difficult. I decided to research the two men a little farther so I could better understand the material I was reading. I knew a little about Martin Luther from previous classes, but I had never heard of John Calvin.

After researching Calvin a little, I began to think the topic could be interesting given Calvinism was one of the recommended focus areas, and it would be a topic I had never touched on. I decided to research the topic farther, and began to find more information about John Calvin himself before moving into the ideas of Calvinism. I began to explore the general beliefs of Calvinism, the area in which the religion came from, and important texts from the religion. After gaining a basic sense of the religion, I began searching for primary sources on Modern History Sourcebook. At this point in my project, I have identified a primary source written by John Calvin called “The Necessity of Reforming the Church” that I will continue to research on and identify the importance of the document. From here on out, I want to refine my search to topics that will be relevant to the document itself and continue to expand my understanding the period of the Reformation.

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