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Revolutionaries of Today: Students

April 24, 2012


Little would most people guess that the American Revolution is still taking place today, and that at the forefront of the change is, among other places, our history classroom. That’s right, I think that, thanks to our teacher Mike and the many others like him, kids and educators everywhere are starting a new kind of […]

Thinking Out of the Box

January 10, 2012


I find that one of the most rewarding aspects of research is not learning about history or even producing a comprehensive paper on a subject, but learning about myself as a researcher and a person. In my Age of Ex class we have completed two projects and have now begun work on our third: 17th […]

The Scots and the Reformation: An Exploration

November 17, 2011


Sixteenth century Europe was a tumultuous era, to say the least. The 1500s saw the decline of an old religion and the birth of a new one, as well as revolutionary changes in society and government. This was the time known as the Reformation—a split within Western Christianity that influenced world faiths as we know […]

Midway Through, But A Long Ways To Go

November 2, 2011


When I began this second Age of Ex project on the Reformation, I knew almost nothing about the time period. Now, halfway through the project, I find that I know most of the basic information and am already engaged in the issues and debates of the Reformation. I began by reading and taking notes on […]

Researching History to Understand My World

October 27, 2011


An exhilarating revelation about my history class, Age of Exploration, came at the end of our first week: I was having fun and learning at the same time! Sometimes during our discussions of homework readings I would find my class talking about, for example, why everything in Hawaii is so expensive or debating our opinions […]