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Working Together. (As An Entire Class?!)

May 2, 2012


About a week and a half ago, our class of about 18 was assigned a group project. All of us will be and have been working together to create one documentary. The documentary will be based on the American Revolution, and along with the main movie we will create a “making of” video. Everyone will […]

Time To work In Class: Helpful or Wasteful?

January 18, 2012


Over the past couple weeks, I have been researching Thomas Hobbes, and have written a bibliographic essay on him. Our class has also been preparing for a round table discussion. Essentially I have had to familiarize myself with Hobbes’ life, beliefs, and some resources available on him. Such a daunting task would been near impossible […]

The Near Impossible Task of Understanding Calvinism

November 18, 2011


John (Jean) Calvin, a new thinker during the protestant reformation, and was the leader behind the religious belief called Calvinism. He believed and preached that all men, no matter what they do throughout their lives, are pre destined for either life or death. To most of us, this seems very strange, and it did to […]

Just get started already

November 3, 2011


Like many of my other classmates, I chose to take age of ex because of the project based curriculum. I did not, however,  choose this because I am good at projects, but because I had a lot of trouble last year completing the projects, while tests and quizzes were much easier. I decided that it […]

Consciously Procrastinating

November 2, 2011


I feel that overall, my project is going just how I planned. I have a fairly good background understanding of my topic, and have done some reading. I truthfully have not done that much, but i did not plan to this early in the stages of the project. I really do not have a huge […]