This is a class blog kept by student-authors and their teacher Mike Gwaltney.

The posts on this blog are part of an ongoing assignment in our 10th grade “Age of Exploration” modern world history course. Students post reflection pieces on a rotating basis, with two authors posting each school day. Students also occasionally post to the blog for project assignments.

You can read the specifics of our class blog assignment here.

Our class blogging guidelines.

Our class commenting guidelines.

In 2012, we were part of #Quad103, joining classes in blogging and commenting from independent schools from Portland (Oregon, USA), Baltimore (Maryland, USA), a public high school in Iowa, advanced English students at an academy in western France, and a group of online students across the United States.

Our blog assignment was recently profiled by Peter Pappas: “Student Bloggers Reflect on Learning.”

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  1. This is awesome! I only wish I’d come across it sooner. Classes start Tuesday and, though I’ve been thinking about how to introduce blogging to both on ground and online writing classes, I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around it though I blog all the time.

  2. P.S. Thanks for the details of the assignment, blogging, and comments guidelines above!


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