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Working Together

April 30, 2012


Project after project, it never seems to end. Our fifth and final project in Age of Exploration is a project meant to test every student’s ability to work together. The project assignment is to create a documentary related to an event(s) that took place during the  Revolutionary War. While an average group project only requires […]

Consider a Book for Research

January 11, 2012


For any of you that have studied John Locke, I’m sure you’ve felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of thought and reason he is recognized for. When I first heard that our class assignment was to pick a 17th century philosopher to study, my thoughts immediately remembered a man whom I had studied briefly in […]

Jews and the Reformation

November 17, 2011


In the year 1555, Pope Paul IV of northern Italy wrote the decree Cum Nimis Absurdum. This decree was a set of laws issued against the Jews, enforcing their separation from Christians. His target was mainly the Jewish population, but we can also speculate that the decree was aimed at the Christians because it strongly […]

Making Connections

November 3, 2011


Remember eighth grade history class? Watching the hand of the clock move, droning on through chapters of a History Alive text book, not caring what happened in America’s history. That was me in eighth grade, wondering why we were even bothering to learn about history. I remember memorizing facts and dates for a test, and […]

Midway There…Age of Ex Project #2

November 2, 2011


  This project has been somewhat difficult for me. Since the Reformation is such a broad topic, I have had to spend a significant amount of time, attempting to grasp it’s context and. The way in which it began, the influential people, and the various events and religious sects that developed from Catholicism’s downfall in […]