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Final Project Reflection

June 7, 2013


I learned many things about the constitutional convention. The overall theme, as Mike mentions, was compromise, but the compromise was specifically between the educated, white, men of different states with often-conflicting interests. The issue of slaves was one issue that required compromise, as demonstrated by the three-fifths compromise. These compromises were achieved by lots of […]

Presentation jitters

November 8, 2012


I am a cynic. Before a presentation, I think I’m going to fail.  I’m going to run out     of things to say; it’s only a matter of time before I really mess up. I’m not even going to think about taking risks; my sense of shame is preemptive and highly developed. A poll […]

Group Work

October 4, 2012


Group dynamics have always been a difficult thing for me. In some groups, there’s been a lot of politics between people with more assertive personalities. In others, it’s I who am being the assertive one, doing all the work or being domineering. Sometimes I’m also shy and don’t contribute. Everyone who has ever worked with […]