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A Final Reflection

June 7, 2013


Q: What did you learn about the Constitutional Convention? Of course you learned it was about compromise, but please go a little deeper. What were the overarching issues that required compromise? How were those compromises achieved? What does that tell us about the founding of our government and about the nature of our democracy?   […]

Sticky Ideas

November 7, 2012


Warning: opinionated! Age of Exploration class so far has been focused around research and presentation.  Our first in-class presentation was reasonably appalling, and we attributed this to inexperience.  However, after having had another month to work on our newest project, about the Renaissance, our presentations have improved greatly.  I no longer felt the desire to […]

A Culture of Distraction

October 3, 2012


Throughout the first week of Age of Exploration classes, the partnering pedagogy, described in detail in Marc Prensky’s Teaching Digital Natives, was spotlighted.  I was surprised by how different partnering was from any other teaching style I’ve experienced.  Our teacher, Mike, never just tells us the answer to a question, a tendency I’ve subconsciously come […]