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Biting Through the Weakest Links and Toughest Cookies

May 8, 2012


I admit, I can be a tough cookie in some situations. Rarely am I the weakest link (unless we’re talking about P.E games), but when it comes to working in big groups, such as our recent Revolutionary War Documentary Project, I knew this was my forte. Leading a class of 16 people is no easy task, […]

Time is in Our Hands

November 11, 2011


Our project on the Reformation in the 16th century is a three-and-a-half week research session to delve into a one-paged primary source from the time period. Sounds easy enough to be completed in such a long period of time. But with the due date just around the corner, the class has gone into chaos, trying […]

WOAHHH We’re Halfway There

November 2, 2011


When I first began this project, I had no idea what the Reformation was about. I knew what the word meant, but not the historical event.  The James D. Tracy reading that the class had to do in the very beginning of this process was very confusing. I thought it was very difficult to keep […]