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True or False?

April 26, 2012


Recently, my history class, Age of Exploration, began a group documentary project based on some aspect of the Revolutionary War. The final product requirements include an 8-10 minute video on a relevant topic of our choice, and a “making 0f the documentary” documentary. Initially, we struggled with finding a topic and being able to coordinate […]

The Power of Connections

December 7, 2011


In this day and age, most people have access to some form of social media. From Facebook to Twitter to WordPress to Blogspot, there are countless ways for people to put opinions, ideas, and most importantly, information onto the internet for all to see and learn from. Although these social media sites can pose problems from identity […]

Because of the People, But for God

November 18, 2011


The Reformation. Most people know it as a time when people in Europe, and around the world rebelled against the Catholic Church. There is a common conception that the Catholic church simply ignored complaints and objections from the people, in essence, that there was no Reformation. This bring up the question: How much did the Catholic […]

Clarity Finally Found

November 2, 2011


Mid-Project Report: When I first began this Reformation research project, I knew nothing about the Reformation. I first started this research by doing the required reading for Age of Exploration. It was not a good experience. The author of the book seemed to be writing about the Reformation in a deliberately confusing way, and it […]

History + Technology = Better Learning

October 24, 2011


When first signing up for classes last spring, I was mainly interested in Age of Exploration because of its reputation as a fun, project based class. Two months into the school year, I can say that this class has certainly lived up to, and exceeded its reputation. However, in addition to being fun and project based, there was another […]