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Politically Aware

April 25, 2012


I hear from a lot of adults and even news sources about something they all believe is a very big issue: the younger generation are not interested in the world around them. Young people aren’t interested in politics or global issues, they don’t read/listen to/watch the news, etc. Based on my experiences, as well as […]

Political Idealism

December 7, 2011


Having just finished the second Age of Exploration project, I was feeling pretty good about my work. The topics were interesting to me (a benefit of a freer research-based class), but upon discovering the theme of the third project, I became a lot more excited. 17th century political theory. Yes! I thought to myself. And even […]

The Reformation: the Catholic Response

November 19, 2011


After doing some initial reading on the Reformation, I decided that I wanted to delve deeper into the Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation. I knew this topic would be crucial in improving my understanding of the Reformation. Unlike my previous project, I turned directly to the school databases in order to find more accurate […]

Halfway There

November 2, 2011


Like many people, upon beginning this project, I barely even knew what the Reformation was. My first step was to look on Wikipedia for a broad overview of the topic. Upon further research, I eventually decided that my more narrowed down topic would be the Counter-Reformation, or the Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation. Having […]

Anticipation of the Project

October 25, 2011


Having recently completed the first Age of Ex project, I’ve learned a lot about how the research process can be conducted in order to maximize my learning experience. One of the first lessons I’m able to take away from this project about the 15th century is to not leave everything to the last minute. Early […]