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The Challenges of Group Work

June 11, 2013


The Constitutional Convention was a lot like our group process of decision making. There were a lot of strong voices who had firm ideas and weren’t afraid to voice their opinions. Everyone said their piece and then it had to be debated before they settled on a compromise. A lot of the compromises made were […]

Strategies To Being A Student Athlete

November 9, 2012


Being a teammate is something I have known all my life. Ever since I can remember I have been playing team sports. One of the best feelings in the world is going to join your team (aka your second family) everyday. Everything starts out easy being a student athlete. In elementary and even in middle […]

Partnering Pedagogy: Making a Difference

October 5, 2012


During the first week of school I was very skeptical about how well the partnering pedagogy would work. I debated switching out of Age of Ex and into Medieval World, which is another more traditional history course that is offered at OES. The first project in Age of Ex got introduced and I felt swamped. […]