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The Process of Progress

May 15, 2012


So the Age of Exploration class is now well into the American Revolution Documentary Project, and it is a great feeling to see our work starting to come together. At this point, with a topic figured out, a nearly completed script, and the necessary casting done, filming is the next task at hand. It has […]

Calvinism: Exploring The Ties Of A Theology To The Reformation

November 17, 2011


The act of reforming signifies a change in established ways that leads to the improvement of said ways for the greater public. The Reformation of the 16th century was a tumultuous period for the Christian Church and all of those who adhered to the laws of faith, but the outcomes of the disorder were monumental. […]

A New View on Technology

November 15, 2011


Since last year I have been set on taking the course of Age of Exploration because of its allure of independence, and self-guided projects. Now, approaching three months into the school year, this class has proven to be not only the engaging, and intellectually expanding experience I hoped it would be, but an opportunity to […]

Mid Project Assessment

November 2, 2011


Mid Project Assessment Beginning this project I didn’t know much about the period of the reformation, except that it was the beginning of a great change in the Christian Church. I also vaguely knew about the story of Martin Luther, but it wasn’t until this project that I realized the actual magnitude of effects the […]