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Organization: How the heck do we do this?

May 10, 2012


We’re in the middle of a huge project right now, at least in comparison to any group project I’ve done before. The entire class is involved in making a documentary about the American Revolution- and that was basically the one instruction we were given. How to go about doing that and actually ending up with […]

Martin Luther’s Doctrine of Justification

November 18, 2011


Within the period of the Reformation in Europe, the church seemed to have exploded from the inside out. Reformers saw themselves as protesting the corruption of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. One of the Reformation’s greatest leaders, one that stands out as being on the front lines of this protest, was Martin Luther. […]

The Research Process: Oral Presentation vs. Published Writing

November 9, 2011


Since the school year begun (amazingly over 9 weeks ago), we have already completed and reflected on one Age of Exploration project, and are almost finished with the next. So much research-process-ing, if we can call it that, has happened in these past 9 weeks. It’s a little overwhelming thinking back on all my mind […]

Comfortably in the Middle

November 2, 2011


When we began this project, I knew the reformation basically only by its title, the Protestant Reformation, and that it had something to do with breaking away from the Catholic Church. I also knew that it was around the time that printing and reading the Bible was becoming more and more common. After the reading […]