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The Film Crew

May 10, 2012


When starting the final age of ex project, our whole class was feeling pretty confident about not only our research and writing skills, but our filming skills as well. After the last project, I had felt my filming skills were ready to take on a bigger challenge than doing stationary interviews and changing angles a […]

The Council of Trent: Compromise or Ploy?

November 18, 2011


When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church of Whittenberg in 1517, criticizing many of their practices and rules, this was not the first time somebody had challenged the Catholic church. In the early 1400’s a man named Jan Hus had preached about the injustice of the Church and […]

Advantages of a Blog Post

November 9, 2011


Our Age of Exploration class is entirely project based and in this project covering the religious controversy in medieval Europe, we have been presented with two options to on how we would like to present this information: a 6-10 minute speech, or a blog post of substantial length. I made the decision to create a […]

Midway Point

November 2, 2011


          I began this project knowing close to nothing about the reformation and who was involved. My search for a topic brought me to the wikipedia page on the protestant reformation. I skimmed the article and found it interesting enough, but then I saw a link to the Catholic counter reformation. […]