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Being a Leader: A Time to Learn

May 2, 2012


 As you all may have noticed, the two Age of Exploration classes have begun a new, and final, project. The American Revolutionary War is a topic that anyone can get lost in if they don’t know where to begin or what to research. When my class was presented with the daunting task of developing a […]

German Peasants’ War

November 18, 2011


To start this project, I knew I had to look back into the broader perspective of the Protestant Reformation, and what it meant, before diving deeper into the Radical Reformation and my specific topic. The Protestant Reformation lasted from 1517 to 1560 and had different and separate views on religion, society, and philosophy. The Protestant […]

Promoting Independence Through a Research-Based Class

November 3, 2011


When I was first offered the choice to take Age of Exploration, Medieval World, or Age of Reason, I knew right then that I wanted to take Age of Exploration, the research-based class, not only because I had heard great things about the class, such as no tests or quizzes, or improvement in the public […]

Mid-Project Report

November 2, 2011


Mid-Project Report When I began this project, I did not know anything about the Reformation. The first thing that introduced the Reformation to me was the reading done for class. Because there was so much information about the different parts of the Reformation, and so many names to remember and what their role was, it […]