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Technology, Friend or Foe?

May 7, 2012


One question that has really been brought into the light lately is just how powerful is the internet. A play on weather or not we are masters or slaves to technology; which is a legitimate question considering I cant do simple math equations without reverting to my calculator or spending hours playing video games while […]

Understanding Catholic Motives During the Reformation

November 18, 2011


When first beginning this project, there was little I knew about the reformation. Other than the fact the reformation was about religion, everything else was unfamiliar territory. What seemed best was to pick a baseline for a subject, and from there get more specific and go more in depth into that one subject. I decided […]

Counter Reformation-The Council of Trent

November 6, 2011


The Catholic Church was practically the ruling government over the nobles in Europe. In fact, in the past after Rome had adopted what is now known as “Roman Catholicism” christians who were once persecuted such as Perpetua (from the story The Martyrdom of Perpetua) whom was executed in Carthage (I don’t know what it was […]

Midway Project

November 2, 2011


When I first began the project I knew small bits and pieces of the reformation, but nothing that would make me seem like some sort of historian genius to my peers. The cool thing about the class is that we get to choose and research a topic. I decided I wanted to choose a broad […]