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Compromise Then and Now

June 7, 2013


I learned a lot about the Constitutional Convention while doing this project, not only from the information but also the format of the project by having 16 students work together. One of the main themes in both was definitely compromise. To compromise, the Constitutional Convention, as well as our class, had to occasionally go against […]

Clicking Our Time Away

November 5, 2012


Every night after I get home from practice, I start on my homework. Click. I check my email and respond to whatever I need to take care of. “Oh, I haven’t checked Facebook in a few hours”… Click. Scroll (and much more scrolling). “Hey look my friend changed their cover photo. I guess that means […]

Retracing Our Steps in the Evolution of Technology

October 1, 2012


As one of the first assignments in Age of Exploration, we were asked to read an excerpt about the style of teaching and learning that we follow in the class, called “Partnering”. It is a unique style of teaching based around the students answering their own questions.  The foundation and core of this teaching style […]