Working Together

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Project after project, it never seems to end. Our fifth and final project in Age of Exploration is a project meant to test every student’s ability to work together. The project assignment is to create a documentary related to an event(s) that took place during the  Revolutionary War. While an average group project only requires collaboration between three or four students, making an entire class documentary requires the collaboration of 16 students. Each student is challenged to find his or her own role in the making of the documentary.

My experiences of group projects in middle school were not the most pleasant ones. Usually in a group of three, I would end up doing all the work anyway while the other two members slacked off and assumed I would complete the final product. If this problem exists in groups as small as three people, my worry is that this same problem will exist in our whole class project. The first stages of our class documentary started with researching what the Revolutionary War was all about. I hate to admit it, but at the beginning of our class project even I felt the temptation to slack off because there were so many people working. However, I knew that if I didn’t start to contribute to the research, my laziness would come back to bite me, and probably effect my grade on the project.

Even though we are still in the early stages of our project I feel like our class has begun to come to an agreement on how to divide up the research. Our leaders decided to split our class up into small groups of two or three people who would then do collaborative research on a single area of our documentary. Since I now had a clear direction on what to research, the process suddenly seems less overwhelming and more manageable.

I think our class went through a tough stage, which all large groups of people working together face. I believe that working together with a class of 16 people directly translates to business scenarios in the real world.

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