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This project has been somewhat difficult for me. Since the Reformation is such a broad topic, I have had to spend a significant amount of time, attempting to grasp it’s context and. The way in which it began, the influential people, and the various events and religious sects that developed from Catholicism’s downfall in 16th century Europe. After researching a bit more I stumbled on a website that discussed the view of Jewish people in the eyes of Reformation enthusiasts such as Martin Luther. His view of the Jews fluctuated quite a lot during the different stage

s of the Reformation. I found this extremely interesting because in my previous project I had briefly touched on a decree made by Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain, called the Alhambra Decree. Passed in 1492, the decree intended to expel or convert all remaining Jews in Spain at that time. During that project, my primary focus was not the Jews, but I would have liked to spend more time looking at the effects it had on the population. Although this decree was not exactly relevant to the Reformation, it did spark my interest in researching the feelings about Jewish people during the reformation.

I am still on the process of note taking, because I want to have a full understanding of context in which I my sub topic lies. I haven’t started searching for a primary source document, but I do have an idea of what I want it to be. Since most of the research I have been doing is primarily focused on the view of the Jews in the eyes of Marin Luther, I would like to examen a speech made by him talking about the Jews. I think I could find a speech he made at a specific time during the Reformation, in order to look at what was happening in the broader picture of the Reformation at that time. Another possible primary source document, would be a certain decree or law passed about the Jews. From there I would probably look into the lives and affects the law or decree had on the Jewish population as a whole.

I would like my final product to be something that I am proud of. I am choosing to write a blog post, rather than an oral presentation. I plan to summarize the bigger picture of the Reformation, and briefly introduce my subtopic. The bulk of my post will be explaining the primary source document I choose, and it’s relevance to the larger context. I’m hoping to work on my skills of summarizing and clearly communicating my work. I think having a blog is a really good idea, because it reenforces students’ abilities to compress and communicate their thoughts or ideas on a various topic.





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