Paradise Found?

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For my third project in Age of Exploration, we picked seventeenth century political figures. The complete the project, we must write a bibliographical essay and also participate in an in-character discussion. My character that I chose was the English poet John Milton. I decided to study him because I have heard of one of his most famous pieces, Paradise Lost, but I knew little to nothing about him or any of his political ideals or motivations. Though I don’t have the time to read his most famous stories, in order to understand him, I needed to know more about his writing. To begin my research, I started off with a basic biography search on Wikipedia in order to determine the rudimentary facts on his life and the times he lived in. The Wikipedia page, however, proved to have too much detail for a basic search, so I found a biography on Modern History Online instead. Also, because his writing was one of the most well known points about Milton, I looked up a summary of Paradise Lost online. Both his writing and his political ideas have been interpreted by historians different ways over the years, so I decided to pick two pieces that demonstrate an opinion on his work. With this project I would also like to help recommend sources for other students doing research on John Milton.

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