Ted’s Age of Ex Final Project Reflection

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Over the course of our last Age of Ex project, I learned a lot about the constitutional convention, specifically about the debates over slavery. Slavery split all of the delegates into two groups which shared opposite beliefs, which made the idea of whether or not slaves should be legal really difficult to solve. People who believed in slavery usually said that it was a way of life that couldn’t be taken away, or that the sudden disappearance in slavery would mess up the economy. People who believed slavery should be illegal put more thought into the ideas that they were putting people similar to themselves to work, making them feel bad. At the end of the convention, the two sides compromised to take slavery away eventually, easing out of it slowly and making it frowned upon, so the economy wouldn’t be affected.

In this project, we had to make a video as an entire class of 16 students. In my opinion, this was a lot more difficult than having to work with small groups such as 4 or 5 students. Some of the students took charge, while other students decided to not do anything, and much of the jobs given to the people in charge was to try and get everyone involved. This made the project a little more difficult, but didn’t really affect the final product. I believe that the collaboration in our class was really strong, and there weren’t very many people who decided not to do their work. It worked well when we broke off into groups with different assignments, and one person who was in charge would work with each group, to make sure everyone was on task. People started to get off task when we were all in one large group because there were more people around that were willing to take on more work. There were several problems in this project that had to be fixed, such as an error with using green screen, which was addressed by filming the scene in a different area. Another error with electronics being seen in the background, which was addressed by cropping the clips.

I took the role of the director in this project, so I was considered to be in the group of people in charge of the project. I felt really good on my contributions to the project and didn’t let anyone down after being anointed the high role. I worked with other people after school and did a lot of the filming and editing. This project taught me how to manage time properly on large projects, and gave me some experience with directing, which is great because I want to work in the film industry when I grow up. If we were to do another project similar to this, I would probably try and get the group to start filming sooner, because we really needed time after filming to reshoot some scenes. This project really helped me improve my communication with peers, because I had to talk to the actors if I wanted them to act something out differently. It also helped me improve my time management skills. This is because we were given a date to finish the project that seemed far away, so we slowed down our work, but came up really fast and caught us off guard a little about a week before the project was over.

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