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Q: What did you learn about the Constitutional Convention? Of course you learned it was about compromise, but please go a little deeper. What were the overarching issues that required compromise? How were those compromises achieved? What does that tell us about the founding of our government and about the nature of our democracy?

The issue that we focused on, slavery was nt even the reason the convention was called.  The major issue was money.  states had extreme difficulty changing taxes and many states were running low on money.  There was also a question of federal vs state powers.  These are issues that have continued to be discussed even now in the 21st century.  we as american have a long history of examining what our founders meant when they set out to create our nation.

Q: This was a unique project in that it involved the whole class of 16 students. Reflecting on the group aspect of the final project (video documentary), how did collaboration go? Had you ever worked in such a large group on a project of any kind? What seemed to work well? What did not? What challenges were presented? How were they addressed? Explain.

The largest group I have ever worked in was 8 people, still small enough that everything worked smoothly.  The major issue we had was people not doing what was requested of them.  they were addressed by others stepping up.

Q: Reflect on your own role in the group. What did you learn about yourself in this project? What did you notice about your role in the group? How did you interact with your peers? What tasks or kinds of roles did you choose to complete? How effective were you? Did you like being part of this project?

I chose to do more research focused tasks, but I ended up helping in every single aspect of the project.  I didn’t want a total leadership posistion but I wanted an ear to power, which I got.

Q: Think about what you learned in general about working on a big project over such a long time. What if anything would you do differently if you were faced with such a project again?

I would have revised our due dates to before the actual, so that people would complete their work earlier.  Perhaps if people had thought that oour video was done a week earlier we would have had more participation

Q: Finally, think of one skill that you think you were either challenged to improve, or one in which you showed really excellent skill. For example, did you notice you really improved your communication skills? Or perhaps you were able to really demonstrate your organizational skills and help the group. Please explain about this.

I really improved my collaborative skills for this project.  I had to work with people in various group in a manner where I could help without taking over

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