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The Constitutional Convention was a momentous event in the history of the world.  I don’t think democracy on such a large scale had ever been tried before.  Some people doubted that a huge democracy could work.  However, expanding democracy to incorporate many people with different interests actually worked better than small state governments.  In Madison’s notes I read that Madison believed enlarging the sphere of government to include many different factions would limit the problem of a majority endangering the interests of a minority.  In small, pure democracies I think there is a tendency majorities to oppress minorities.  I think at the Constitutional Convention, the United States somehow created a democracy that functioned better than any other in history.  Yet at the same time the United States witnessed some of the worst oppression of men ever in the form of slavery.  It is a contradiction that such an unjust practice as slavery occurred simultaneously with the establishment of a just government.

In the beginning of the process of making our video, people talked until we heard ideas that we liked.  Then we voted.  Or sometimes we didn’t ask the whole class to decided but we let certain groups make decisions.  Some people were good at filming, some people at editing, some people at directing (etc.).   But much of the time I was unemployed.  I had no job to do.  I would migrate from group to group.  Involving everyone in the project is difficult.  We can ask if our priority is making a great video or having everyone involved?  In my opinion getting everyone involved is a priority and possibly we can make an even better video by having everyone involved.

At the beginning of this project, I was a floater and then I started working on the script.  I wrote some scenes, but the class did not wish to include them.  I think I came a little late into the script writing process.  The other script writers already had a vision for the script.  The bulk of the script was written and only a few odd scenes were left to write, but they had to fit into the rest of the script, which I did not yet comprehend.  I tried to write something in a different setting than the rest of the film, but ultimately my scene was deemed too unrealistic and hard to film to be included in the film.  Democracy killed my ideas.  I knew that if any of my ideas were put to a class vote, they would be voted down.  Admittedly, my ideas are a little eccentric.

I think if I had to do a big project like this again, I would try to communicate more with other people.  I didn’t contribute much because I was reluctant to share ideas and most of my ideas were not good anyway.  I think the group could have been more inclusive.  If a leader saw someone not doing anything, they could tell the idle person to work on something such as a section of the script, or filming a scene. I think we all could have talked as a class and come up with a better script.  I think we could have spent a lot more time on filming.  But overall I think the movie is good.

I was challenged to ask, ‘what do I need to do?’  I don’t usually ask that. I am my own person and I do what I do.  But in this project I didn’t get a chance to develop any skills other than communicating with other people to see what needs to be done and accepting what other people think.  Also, I liked to sit back and relax.  Everyone who did that was awesome.

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