Age of Exploration Final Project Reflection: Collaboration in Large-Scale Projects

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Besides the fact that coming to a final verdict in the convention was an immense task, which I now by the way respect much more after doing this project and cooperating with 15 other students, and disputing out project plan, The constitutional convention was one of the biggest government-forming events of all time. The members all discussed various subjects, including slavery, presidency, and all of the plans that were proposed from delegates.

The collaboration was interesting between all of us during this project, for this is the largest group project I had ever been part of. It was difficult to manage everyone, and to make sure that everyone had a job, and to ensure that everyone stayed on task. As the assistant manager of the project, I had to help Maddie, the manager of the project, in keeping everyone in line, which was necessary at times, although for most of the time we all focused. There weren’t that many challenges that arose in the project, despite our time crunch towards the end and having to reshoot some scenes. All challenges that were presented were addressed in the most logical way; for our time crunch we had after-school sessions of editinf, and for the scenes that did work very well, we simply decided to reshoot them.

My role in the group was the assistant to the project manager, which pretty much meant that I was Maddie’s right hand man. This was a good position for me, for I’d like to think of myself as a good leader, and I also helped the process run smoother, and to get things moving during class. I Interacted with my classmates by talking foremost, and then went to e-mails for group messages. I was effective in playing my part, and I liked it too.

Through working in such a large group, I have learned the importance of pre-planning in a project and how communication can make or break a group. There was a point in the project when our schedule was aimed for us to finish past the due-date, but we made the appropriate adjustments to steer clear of this issue. If I were to do another project with about the same group size and product size, I would have made sure that everyone had a say on each individual section of the project. For an example, instead of splitting the class up into sub-sections that were individualized on certain aspects of the project; our research team, script team, editing team, etc., I would rather have the whole class research first, and pile it all in a google doc. Secondly we would then we all work on the script ideas, and have one person write it all down so there wouldn’t be a great variance in writing style, and then we would all film it together, and all edit it together. Also, It would be helpful to have two quality cameras and tripods so we could’ve finished filming a lot quicker.


From this project, I was really trying to make sure that everyone had a job to complete, and that everyone was contributing towards the end result. I also had to communicate much more than was necessary in previous projects, for there are a lot more group mates involved, which was a challenge at times because since we all split up into sub-categories, we were often in different places, working on different things, but all in all, I feel like I have improved greatly in communication from the beginning of the year.

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