Age of Ex Final Refleection

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I learned that it was each individual state’s wants rather than a region’s (North vs. South) wants that determined how the country was shaped. And, if the view of one state conflicted with those of another, each would come to terms. Then, the other states would band together behind one or the other, creating a real conflict over issues such as the slave trade, taxation, and representation in Congress. That we were able to build a country out of this turmoil shows the power of compromise.

The collaboration went really well. People were always willing to work, and did the work assigned to them. I haven’t worked in a group as large as this before, but I think that people worked well together by being available and willing to do whatever was needed. However, the problem of too many people not knowing what they should be doing came up often. We fixed those by assigning jobs in the future for those people, and it all evened out.

I was one of the script writers for this project, and learned that I really like writing scripts. I noticed that I had a rather important role, but not one that was essential. Well, to rephrase that my role didn’t need to be done for other work to begin, such as research. Script blended into filming. I took a leading and succumbing role to my peers. I chose to write quite a lot of the script, was rather effective, and liked being a part of this project.

I think I would make more specific roles for everybody if I had to do this project over again. A lot of people were sitting around with no idea as to what to do, and that would need to be fixed so we cold have more time to fall back on.

I felt like my hard work skills really came out during this project. If I really enjoy doing something, I will pour a lot of work and effort into it, and I loved doing this project. I had a few 12:30 nights where I was writing the script, used my B Blocks effectively, and was able to lead and learn.

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