Leadership and Coordination

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The Constitutional Convention was a bunch of individuals with different views coming together trying to cooperate. The biggest problem and strength, simultaneously, was the diversity present in the convention. Because of the different viewpoints, there was a very frustrating, elongated process, but also the different viewpoints make the constitution is a versatile, strong, widely accepted document and gives Americans ideals.

In a similar way to the Constitutional Convention, out class of 16 people also tried to make a long-term, end goal-type of project where we all had different ideas of the end goal. Unfortunately, I had no experience in working in such a large group before, so there were some kinks that I definitely had to work out on the way. Trying to work with all 16 of us at the same time was impossible, but splitting into groups of four or five seemed to work much, much better. Challenges mostly consisted of limited time with much to do, but also big personalities clashing also posed a challenge that we had to overcome. Simply working more quickly and compromise (surprise, surprise) solved all of our problems in the project.

When we split into smaller groups, I found myself being the head of the video group meaning that I was responsible for getting all voiceovers and live video clips turned into our editors in a reasonable amount of time. I found myself relying a lot on two of my group members to help me with the smaller tasks while I was looking at the bigger picture and coordinating with other groups; I couldn’t have done this project without those two students. Like I said, I found myself coordinating and looking at bigger picture more; although, I was still shooting scenes and participating in scenes. I found coordinating and communicating to be vital to the success of the project, so I guess I was effective in the bigger picture of the project. Although there was much stress involed with the project, I really did enjoy the feeling after we knew it was done and we did a good job.


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I think that if I were faced with a similar project dynamic with the same group, we would use a different leadership system. We would assign a few leaders rather than just one in order to relieve some stress from that one person. I think that it would be easier because we all know each other better now and we have big-group-project experience under our belts. I think that having experience with this type of project is more important than anything else.

One thing, more than anything else in the project that I know that I improved upon is coordination and communication. Being the leader of my subgroup, I found my role being a lot of communication and coordinating with our unofficial overall leader and seeing what needs to be done. This is valuable experience for real-life jobs with managerial positions, boss positions, etc.

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