Final Reflection_Negatives and Positives of Group Work

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Gabe Perry-Freer 

I felt like I learned a lot about the constitutional convention. Before starting this project I knew some about the Revolutionary War but very little about the convention itself. I learned about what topics were talked about and how crucial their decisions were. Also I did not fully understand how hard it must have been for them to come up with a solution. They were working in completely new territory with no one telling them what to do. I not only respect what they did as a person who has benefited from it, but also as someone who realized the difficulty of what they did.

I think that there definitely some positives and some negatives from working in such a large group.  We chose a movie as our final project and this was only possible because of the number of people we had to work with. With fewer people there would be no way to have all the roles we needed and break up the work without overwhelming the people involved.  Also it makes for a more interesting project with more depth when there are more people contributing. The negatives are more obvious. Working with a lot of people make it crucial to communicate, assigning jobs, and final editing. We encountered all of these problems but we managed to work through them by addressing them head on. I found it helpful to have everyone aware of what can go wrong so we could do our best to avoid it.

I do not feel like I learned anything drastically new about myself while I was working on this project, but I definitely do feel like there are the same themes that I have seen before. I think my role in this group was to make sure I did the work. Not just the bare minimum, but to do what needs to be done regardless if it was my “assigned” work. I did like watching our final project because I did feel like everything, and everyone, came together to make a quite good final project.  

I would change a couple things in the group, mainly focusing on communication and work amounts and deadlines. I suggest to the group that there should be more communication about every aspect of the project. This would, hopefully, let more people engage and be productive. Setting more deadlines for everything from large things like the script to small scene recordings would be beneficial to ending on time. Communication coupled with an increase in self set deadlines and requirements would most likely help iron out some of the small wrinkles in out project.  

I felt like I was challenged in two main ways, acting and communication. The less “serious” of the two is acting. I have never liked acting and I feel like I struggle to do it with any skill of even competence. I received a quite minimal acting role but it was still quite difficult for me. On the other side I found communication to be quite difficult sometimes. I was not always sure to do during our in class times and I had to make sure I did not just sit back and let other people do the work. I think that I did a decently good job of when I was in these down times, asking people who were taking charge what I could do to help. I think this will be a very good think for future projects, either in school or out.


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