Final Reflection_Group Work Challenges and Successes

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This project helped me learn a lot about the Constitutional Convention. I not only had to do research on the convention itself but also act it out. I was able to find out a little bit about the whole process and different people’s takes on the situation. People from different places had different views on the way of life involving slaves, which required a lot of discussion and arguments. But even though it was tense at times everyone was able to come to a conclusion, by talking with others and seeing everyones side to the story.


I tend to enjoy working in groups, but with such a big group it was a bit of a different process. Some people took control, which was great, but it allowed for others to stay under the radar. I thought it was very helpful that we had little meetings at the beginning of each class because it showed people where they were needed and what they should complete on that day. I think one of the biggest challenges was time management, we originally came up with timelines but as we started to go deeper into the project those due dates didn’t quite go as planned. We did have a lot of people who were willing to take up some of their own time and stay after school, which definitely helped a lot.

This project helped me learn that when there are other strong leaders in a group, I tend not to speak up as much. I was very impressed with other peoples roles, so I didn’t talk as much as I normally would. But even though I wasn’t as vocal as usual, if I had a suggestion I would still make that known. I consider myself a very organized person so I was very happy when I volunteered to do the research because I feel like that is one of my strong suits. At times the project got a little hectic but all in all I thought it was pretty fun and even though the final video was not as ‘perfect’ as some may have wanted, I still think it is very entertaining and informative.


In the future, I would try and motivate my peers more to get their work done as well as be more conscious of the time. By getting everyone focused, things would go a lot more smoothly, leaving more time to work on the details.

I think something that I was challenged on was listening to other’s ideas, I’m always willing to listen, but it was a little challenging for the whole group to agree on one thing, which made it hard to communicate. But once we were all able to have the same goal in mind, of finishing the project on time, I think we all let go of our egos and worked together to complete the video.

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