Final Reflection – Working in a Large Group

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I learned from this project how much small details, such as slavery, really impeded the process of forming the government. There was a lot of debate, and a lot of stubbornness, but eventually through this exchange of ideas, they came to rules that both sides could stand behind. Collaboration was extremely difficult in a group this large. I have never had to work in a group this large. Often people went out of control, and it took the group leaders to pull everything together. Eventually, from several emails and from delegating specific responsibilities to each person, we pulled it together. I learned that I personally have trouble focusing when there are a lot of people who have different priorities. I mostly focused on acting in the role of James Madison, and let the group leaders run the rest of the project. I did everything they told me to do, which included many scenes and many hours of work. All together, I think I contributed quite a bit to this project, despite being frazzled by the amount of people. If I were to do this again differently, I would have more concrete jobs delegated to people at the very beginning, and make sure that everyone was focused on the project. We tried to do that during this project, but we ended up having a lot of problems. Because of my acting practice, I was able to act the part of James Madison fairly well, despite not having time to prepare for the roll or memorize lines. This was my main contribution to the group, and I think it was an important one.

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