Final project reflection

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I learned that the political climate at the time was very volatile. Practically every state had their own views on how a government should be created, and not many of them wanted to back off of their position and actually come up with something that would unite all of them. Several debates ensued about slaves (are the part of the population? Are they taxable?) and about actually creating a document which outlined the specific rights of people. Our democracy was founded off of compromise — in the end, almost no states were happy, but they liked the Constitution enough to ratify it.

I have never worked with such a large group before, and the experience has left me with a bitter taste on my tongue. At least people were more willing to work in smaller groups. Collaboration was challenging when one was not with a motivated person. When people began realizing the urgency of the deadline, they began functioning better. I managed to work around the issue of strange movie formatting by spending time during class and after school in the Mac lab.

I am not a vocal leader. In fact, I function best when given a task and room to operate (i.e. not in the same place as a lot of people). That didn’t really happen in this project until I forced my way into getting my operating space so I could work normally. I interacted with my peers to get what I needed, I ended up doing most of the research into my topics, I spent time to fix portions of the script, and I did a lot of film editing. I was effective in any role I was put in (well, save acting). This project has been very eye-opening for me.

I would try and be more involved in getting people motivated. The energy expended in doing that would pay off exponentially as I (and other hard-working students) would have to do quite a bit less. I would also limit how many people could have their laptops open as many did not use them productively all the time.

I found that I was very tolerant towards criticism of the final video (and there was not even that much) despite having spent numerous hours on it. Lashing out with a harsh tone would not have been productive towards others at that stage of the project.

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