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Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I learned a lot about the Constitutional Convention. I felt like I could have read about it all day and still never realized how hard it was to actually come to a conclusion, but during this all class project I learned more than I ever could reading through text books. Compromises were achieved with time more than anything else. People had to actually let their opinions go and listen to others, which was very hard in the olden days, because people were afraid to be judged. Our government does a lot of work that I feel like isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. Democracy otherwise known as equality is hard to achieve, but in the end it’s a lot better way of viewing life and living life.

The project overall went fairly well, I actually found it very entertaining to work with the whole class, being able to hear what everyone had to say. The collaboration went alright even though some ideas were ignored I still feel like my view was shared a tad bit. I have never worked in a group of this size so it was very difficult for me to wrap my head around it. Having groups to conquer different tasks worked very well and I felt like that was our most efficient way of completing tasks. Challenges was having to long discussions for everyone to compromise, which really showed us how hard it actually was. Were really didn’t do anything about our long discussions because we couldn’t.

I was the co-director with Patrick Leon, acted, and worked on the script. I listened to what my peers had to say even though most of my proposals were ignored. I feel like I was pretty effective at times I could have done more to help with the script, but during group discussions I always voiced my opinion not afraid of what others would think. I liked being part of this project and I loved feeling accomplished after teaching the 7th graders.

I believe that we could have done this project a lot quicker and we wasted a lot of time doing nothing(discussing). Next time I feel like I would choose a group that tends to value others opinions more and is open to every idea no matter how odd it may seem to them. I wouldn’t wanna do another all class project again.

I felt like I showed my skills of communication and dedication, for example if I was told to do something I would get it done and I felt like I compromised fairly well with the class. In the end though I felt like compromise was the true skill we learned and got a lot better at. Compromise needs patience, open minds, and time. Our class learned that and we will be sure to apply it when we can.


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