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Dear fellow bloggers,

It is a sad day to report that this will be the last blog post for quite a while. Summer vacation starts next week, and I will be taking a break from school and this blog.

Here is my reflection on the project we just finished.

     Throughout the project I learned a lot about the constitutional convention. I learned all about compromise and all the factors the affected people’s willingness to settle for anything less than what they wanted. I learned about the problems that states faced with representation as well as taxation and many other topics. I found it very interesting that the states came to compromises on such difficult topics, and that they did in the manner they did, sometimes suggestions from states, other times in discussions that involved yelling. I believe that the way the our government was founded shows us that we have a democracy with an open-mind that looks out for what is best for the people as a whole, and not just what is best for an individual state. What happened during the constitution is a great example of what happened during our project. Compromise.

The project was very unique because it involved our whole class, and the large amount of people brought a new factor to group work. At first I thought it would be very difficult to collaborate with such a large group, but in the end, after a lot of discussion, it turned out working extremely well. It was not my first time working in such a large group since throughout school I have been part of many team-building projects with classmates from my school, but it was a very different experience because we had to come up with an idea that almost everyone agreed would be our final product. The main challenges were just the amount of ideas that were presented, as well as the select few classmates that had very ideas on to where the group should go compared to what the rest of the group thought. Each person’s idea was presented and then discussed, until we finally came up with a final idea.

I had many jobs throughout the project and found myself helping others almost every class period. I was helpful with my peers and presented my ideas to the class, trying to better our final project. I was lucky enough to have my ideas become a large part of the final decision of our project. Overall, I really enjoyed all the tasks I completed, both the ones I chose and the ones that were chosen for me. This project helped me realize that I have potential in leading projects in the future.

 I have spent much time thinking about the project as a whole and if there were any things that would have saved time, or made the project better, because I felt that the lack of time was the largest problem in the project. I found that the only thing that would have made the project easier, and better, was if it were more organized, and we had set aside time to make big decisions in the project and that those decisions needed to be made by a certain time. Overall the problems that we faced throughout the project were solved with relative ease.

This project helped me learn something about myself. It is easy for me to act as a leader. I found this during discussions when I could contribute to the group easily. I was not the decided leader for the project, but I often found myself leading others during small parts of the project as well as taking the initiative in doing tasks that would help the group. This project helped me gain confidence in leading, and I hope that in the future I can practice leading.

Overall the project was a very good one, and I feel that as a class we exceeded all expectations. We presented our work to seventh graders at our school and they seemed extremely interested. They asked great questions, and hopefully they learned something about compromise and the constitution.

Thank you for reading my final blog post.


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