Compromising on The Lives of Others

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During this project I learned a lot about slavery and how they went about abolishing it. There was a lot of time spent debating and talking about what is the best solution. I think it’s really interesting how the people at the constitutional convention were able to talk about such a serious issue, such as slavery, and come up with a solution that was a compromise. It also shows how much the people at the convention truly cared because they spent so much time debating on each topic.

Before this project I had never worked in a group of more than three or four people. I think it’s really challenging to stay on task and keep everyone working when there are so many people. One good and interesting part about having so many people in this group was all of the different ideas. Collaboration seemed to go really well, except for the fact that there were some people who were afraid to share their ideas with the entire class. I think that splitting the group up into smaller sections worked really  well because it was easier to keep everyone on task. The biggest issue for our class was our time management. We addressed this by trying to focus a lot near the end of our project.

My specific role in the group was to do research on the topics we chose to focus on. I learned that I tend to become less of an outspoken person when someone else takes the leadership role. I also noticed that I had to find things to do sometimes when it wasn’t the research time. For example during filming I decided to go out one day and make sure that the scenes were being filmed. For the most part I just listened to what the leaders wanted and asked me to do. I chose to help with research, filming, and acting. I think that I was effective in all of these aspects, although I wasn’t a leader during this project I think it was good for me to learn about how I interact when I’m not the leader. I liked  working on this project because it was a good learning experience.

If I were to do a project like this again I would try and take a different role in the group, maybe a leadership role. I would also make deadlines for the group, such as research done, script written, and Filming done. I think this would have helped us with our issue of time management and it would also keep us more organized.

I think that my communication skills were challenged during this project. While working with a group of 15 or more people it’s important to have everyone on the same page. Communication helps keep everyone on task, informed, and working.  If there isn’t enough communication than people will begin to slack off and get off task.”>Image…0.0…1c.1.17.img.CXuu9qkeREI&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47810305,d.cGE&fp=ddb8cc2b2c50ead3&biw=1205&bih=595&facrc=_&

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