Age of Ex Final Group Project Reflection

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Q: What did you learn about the Constitutional Convention? Of course you learned it was about compromise, but please go a little deeper. What were the overarching issues that required compromise? How were those compromises achieved? What does that tell us about the founding of our government and about the nature of our democracy?

Going into the project I had very little to no knowledge on the topic of the Constitutional Convention.  That being said everything that I learned was new and interesting.  I now know how important it was in forming the current government and shaping how it is today.


Q: This was a unique project in that it involved the whole class of 16 students. Reflecting on the group aspect of the final project (video documentary), how did collaboration go? Had you ever worked in such a large group on a project of any kind? What seemed to work well? What did not? What challenges were presented? How were they addressed? Explain.


I had never previously worked in a group that large so it was a very new experience for me.  Everything went pretty well however it was sometimes difficult to get everyone to listen and pay attention to be able to film the scenes.  Having a few specific leaders worked pretty well when trying to get everyone to participate and pay attention.


Q: Reflect on your own role in the group. What did you learn about yourself in this project? What did you notice about your role in the group? How did you interact with your peers? What tasks or kinds of roles did you choose to complete? How effective were you? Did you like being part of this project?

I think that I took a pretty big role in this project in that I was the main “cinematographer” and filmed most of the scenes and was able to have my voice heard when it came to creative decisions. I really enjoyed my role in this project and I think I did a good job when it came to my role.


Q: Think about what you learned in general about working on a big project over such a long time. What if anything would you do differently if you were faced with such a project again?


There is not to much that I would have done differently this project I think that me personally as well as the group as a whole worked well together and we were able to get all of our work done on time and correctly.


Q: Finally, think of one skill that you think you were either challenged to improve, or one in which you showed really excellent skill. For example, did you notice you really improved your communication skills? Or perhaps you were able to really demonstrate your organizational skills and help the group. Please explain about this.

I think I was forced to improve on many things such as filming ability as before I had not had too much first hand experience with filming but improved a lot during the span of this project.  I also took a fairly large leadership role this project and was able to hear everyone’s opinion as well as being able to have my ideas heard.  I also demonstrated good organization skills especially when it came to keeping track of the memory cards as that was one of my responsibilities and a important one at that.


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