Age of Ex: A Life Changer

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The Constitutional Convention was centered around the fact that the colonies were misled by the British.  The Convention was an effort to learn from the mistakes of others, to ensure that revolutions do not occur (at least in a large scale) like was necessary to break away from England.  When America was possessed by the British, the people did not get a say.  They were not represented.  A large part of the efforts during the Constitutional Convention was devoted to given the people a say: Democracy.  That’s the center of it all, even though many of the discussions were debating the means of instituting an apt democracy for America.


Collaborating in a team of sixteen was obviously a big change for me.  I prefer to work alone, or with one other, if I have to.  However, I have been on a sports team before, and this project was not different.  Obviously the objectives are different, but the dynamic is the same.  And, like a sports team, communication is key.  The ability to get information from one point to the next is crucial to the success of a team in any aspect, and I believe that we communicated quite well during the project.  Having group leaders obviously helped a lot, because then, instead of communicating solely to people about pertinent matters, we can use the group leaders to communicate ideas generated by the whole group to the leaders’ subordinates.  One of the challenges was definitely getting everyone involved.  In a group of sixteen, there are only so many people that can be explicit leaders.  The rest need to find means of contributing behind the scenes, for the most part.  And, for a lot of people, especially me, something behind the scenes does not give me the incentive to do it in the first place.


I was not one of the prime leaders in the group.  I did not start off at the front of the classroom, debriefing the class on what we need to do, when we need to do it, etc.  I did do everything that was asked of me, and would have done more if I was asked to do it.  And I think that that’s one of the things that I have to get better at.  I need to show initiative, and, even though no one’s asking anything of me, find something to do.  Getting involved through your own actions is a great skill to have.  That being said, it’s also the responsibility of my peers to help instigate my involvement and maintain it throughout the project.

Working on a big project during a long length of time can be very grueling.  There are some points when you think that something can’t be done, that your product won’t be produced, but it’s a matter of pushing through and doing your best.  Doing the things you’re good at, while working to improve in other things.  If I were to do something different I would’ve taken that leadership role in the beginning.  It’s all about finding the initiative to speak up and make a difference, and from there it’s relatively easy to maintain that leadership spot.  It’s impossible to half-ass it and then try to take a leadership position halfway through.


I’ve always been good with my research. It’s one of the things I take pride in.  My brain works very linearly, so I don’t do as well in English as I do in Math, or research-based project.  However, I was not very good at staying on task at the beginning of the year.  In a class where the teacher is not really the teacher, (more a partnerer), it’s very hard to stay on task.  There’s no one to catch you on Facebook and give you a timeback, and in the beginning of the year I procrastinated and spent the class time as a free period.  As expressed in my previous reflections, I’ve been trying to improve in this aspect, and I think this year I have done so.


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