Reflecting on the Age of Ex Constitutional Convention Project

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Through this project on the Constitutional Convention, I learned how difficult it is to compromise with inherently different beliefs. I mean, we’ve all had to compromise on who gets to play with a toy first or who has to do the work, but in forming a government, the founding fathers had to act in not only their interests, but also those of their people. I learned how difficult it is to give up not only power, but also your most strongly-held beliefs. Some issues were that of power and who got more representatives, African American people should not be counted as part of population, and how to choose a president. These issues were all solved by means of compromise from the disagreeing parties by finding some middle ground, or making both sides give up a little.

Collaboration in a class of 16 was difficult to say the least. Some people were willing to compromise to get the project done, and other decided that theydid not want to be involved because their ideas were not implemented. Personally, I have never worked with such a large group without some sort of direction. It was good that Lisa took a leadership role or else things may not have been done to the same effect. I think that in the first few weeks, we could not agree on much because we were all trying to be involved in everything. Once we broke up into smaller more task oriented groups, everything moved much more smoothly.

Over the course of this project I realized that I like to limit my decisions. I found that I was often annoyed when we would come up with a plan, and someone would find a small issue with it resulting in us tossing the plan. I kept thinking “Let’s just make a decision and go with it!” I found that to relieve this, I worked much harder in my smaller group making decisions and trying to stick with it. I think I generally tried to be flexible with other people and what they were thinking, but when I had something to add, I tried to add it. I was part of the interactive group and we planned the interactive presentation. We worked well together and got our parts done on time for review and to present.

I’d say all of our issues really stemmed from not being able to make executive decisions and difficulty communicating between groups. After we made a decision, everything worked out decently well, so that was really our initial issue.

What challenged me the most was not being in control of certain parts of the project. I know that I always want things to be the absolute best that either I or my peers can offer. Sometimes, I needed to better trust my peers in getting the best possible result, and that is what I believe most improved in me. The overall project went well, and I am proud of everyone in our Age of Ex project!


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