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The Constitutional Convention embodies the ability for two places that hold completely different values to come together and compromise on things that are of great importance to not only the current status of their forming nation but also to the future of their nation. The debate of representation is one of the more famous ones along with the ⅗s compromise. The Virginia Plan which James Madison helped create at a prior convention that he helped organize, gave fair representation to big states and little states by creating two houses. The Senate and the House of Representatives, the House has representatives based on the population of a state and the Senate has equal representation among states. This satisfies both large and small states, and embodies the essence of compromise. I think what is most inspiring about the constitutional convention is that it didn’t turn into a huge mess because of arguments  but because they knew how vital it was to the future of the nation they forced themselves to make compromises.

This is the first time I have worked with a whole class on a project. The collaboration was great within small groups but having a class discussion was difficult and often unproductive. I think its great that we can collaborate and create things that we couldn’t alone and learn in the process. Dividing people up by their tech savviness, and other specialties worked well because it made our productivity much higher. It is hard to tell another student to focus, or to do more work. This made it difficult to spread the workload. Like the constitutional convention we had to compromise on ideas to satisfy everyone. Organization and planning were the greatest obstacles but they were addressed by dividing people up and also by having respectfully conducted discussions with a leader.

I learned that I work well alone or with smaller groups because they seem to be more productive due to the fact that there are less people to debate with or explain to. I created my own part of the script. This allowed me to work individually which is how I work best. I interacted respectfully and made sure to listen to others ideas when I wasn’t working alone. I  also chose to work on the film and the script. I think that I was very effective because I was able to focus on the task at hand and I eliminated distractions. I like this project, it taught me a lot about how groups function and how key communication and leadership is.

I would divide up in the future and still have a general leader to facilitate roles. This would allow for more even work spread and a more productive group. Of course we would have a full group meeting at the beginning before we wouldsplit up. I would make this discussion concise and productive by having a respectfully lead discussion the would not go into a circle of arguing.

I think that my communication skills definitely improved over the course of the project. Without communication, ideas are much less useful. I utilized my ability to work alone during this project while also communicating my ideas to others. I think a great skill I used in this project is creativity. I saw a vision for the James Madison clip and made it happen, which was really cool to see happen. I learned so much about group productivity and organization during the project. I will be able to take these skills with me wherever I work with other people and that is truly valuable. So in total I would say that I learned how to maximize productivity with large groups and gained understanding of how the social and political world functions.

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