Compromise At Its Finest | Age of Ex Final Reflection 2013

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     The Constitutional Convention was a struggle for power. Everyone wanted it. A good example of one conflict that arose because of power was when the Framers of the Constitution had to decide how power would be distributed between states. Eventually they were able to come up with a plan that created what we know today as the Senate and the House of Representatives. However, before this compromise could be reached there was much debate because everyone wanted power. But one must notice that since they were able to reach a compromise we know that the Framers of the Constitution wanted to build our democracy with the goal of equal power for all.

     Working in a group is hard. Everyone has to compromise all the time, and it can be difficult for everyone. In our class, we shared our struggles and successes just like the Framers of the Constitution. I had never worked in a group this large before, and I think my experience is definitely something I can learn from. Our class worked very well once we split into smaller specialized groups instead of meeting and discussing different aspects of the project altogether. Everyone had their own opinions that they wanted to share, but letting everyone say every single thing they wanted was very time-consuming. By the end of the project we were much better at compromising with each other and this led to a much more efficient use of our time.

     From this project I learned how to be a better compromiser. I found that as a leader of the interactive presentation group that I have a good concept on reality and what kinds of goals are realistic or not. But I also had to compromise with other people in order to try and include their ideas. We all had great concepts that I worked hard to incorporate into the interactive presentation. I always tried to make sure that everyone had something to do, including myself. In order to keep everyone effective and efficient, I had to use my organizational skills. When everyone was doing work and moving forward I was very pleased with this project.

     Working in a large group requires a lot of time. In our class we got off to a slow start but we picked up pace as time went on. Thus, in future group projects I would want to get working sooner in order to give us more time to refine our product later.

     Throughout this project I was able to show my organizational skills. I contributed to the group by making thorough yet concise presentation outlines that helped the class as a whole to understand my group’s ideas. I know the value of easy-to-understand directions with clear step-by-step instructions. By using this knowledge and my organizational skills I was able to improve the experience of our class in relationship to the interactive presentation. If my group’s outlines had been sporadic or too lengthy, the class would not have read and understood them. My contribution to the group may not have been salient to everyone, but the backstage things I did definitely benefitted everyone.