Start of a New Era?

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When scrolling over the online New York Times Technology section, the first article that lit up my computer screen was an article about all of these new tablets that has been introduced into the competitive market. It’s the holiday season; therefore many people are trying to decide which tablets they’d like to purchase for gifts. Currently, Apple’s iPad’s are holding 50% of the market’s share. Ever since Steve Jobs death in 2011, Apple stocks overall has increased, but after the release of the Iphone5, which immediately increased Apple stock, and the iPad mini, the stocks have overall decreased. Other variables obviously impact the value of apple stock, but for a company that has overall been strong throughout an unstable market the recent drop has been concerning. The growing tablet market, I believe, is one of the additional factors in apples decreasing stock.

Having all of these great new choices of tablets and electronics in general is a good thing for consumers, but a bad thing for Apple. Apple is one of the most, if not the most, popular tech-brands, but the newly released Samsung tablets have brought serious competition. I wonder whether Apple will be in danger because of the competition with other prominent tablet brands. Now that holiday shopping is coming forth, I’m unsure of which tablet would be best for me to buy. Apple seems somewhat reliable just because the brand is only popular for one reason, and that’s because Apple built its own great reputation, that’s why brand names are regularly purchased. My family buys Apple products, along with other brands like Sony, Panasonic, Dell, Kindle, and Samsung products. Overall I’d say that we admire our Apple products the most. 

I have three older sisters who have the IPhone 4, the IPhone 4S, and another the IPhone 5. They all have complained about some errors that they find in their cellphones and the most frequent complaints are from my sister who has the IPhone 5. The IPhone 5 has many errors such as the camera and maps displayed on the phone.  Apple was known for its great merchandise and the face of the business, which was Steve Jobs, now Steve Jobs is no longer here to fix errors within the products, therefore will Apple continue to dominate the tablet market, or will it gradually die? 

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