Strategies To Being A Student Athlete

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Being a teammate is something I have known all my life. Ever since I can remember I have been playing team sports. One of the best feelings in the world is going to join your team (aka your second family) everyday. Everything starts out easy being a student athlete. In elementary and even in middle school the workload is bearable and manageable. When you get into high school everything changes.ImageThere is a reason why most athletes, if they are not dedicated, will quit freshman year to pursue other things that are less time consuming. There is a lot of stress and time management that comes with sports in high school. There are two levels: Varsity and JV. JV is slightly less demanding and some students choose to take that route, but for me I play a Varsity sport (soccer) in the fall and then play on a high level club team for the rest of the year, so time management is a huge component to my success in school.


I have seen time management used well and I have seen the academics of student athlete’s crumble under all the pressure and activities that they take on. There is a huge emphasis on being a student athlete and a good one at that. There is a myriad of athlete scholarships that thousand of players each year strive for; unfortunately, not all athletes who deserve this scholarship have the grades for the scholarship or school they want to go to. I have read numerous articles on this subject because it is relevant to me and the lesson that I have learned is that school ALWAYS comes first. Time management, communication, productivity, and organization are some of the most important aspects to being a good student athlete. I find it helpful to keep all my assignments, long term and short term, on a task list to avoid forgetting any;however, some classes are better for the players and some aren’t. For example, the Age of Ex. format is very compatible with the busy schedule of sports teams. The fact that the players can spread out their work depending on their schedule and not the teacher’s is helpful, but for a class like math that has nightly homework it can be very difficult.


With trips for games, practices, and team events the school work can make it seem as if you are drowning, but there are methods (some of which listed above) to the madness. I think that being a student athlete is a great source of motivation and helps bestow responsibility, maturity, as well as ownership upon you adults. You make lifelong friendships and have the time of your life, and if you’re lucky win a championship or two!If I could give a word of advice to any student athletes reading this post it would be, use your time wisely, get ahead when you can, and talk to your teachers. Your teachers are not hell bent on failing you; in fact, they want to see you succeed (shocking I know), so talk to your teachers about extensions when the workload seems too high. This little detail will make for a much more enjoyable and manageable high school experience and cut back on the stress of being a student athlete.

As all of the teams around the state go into their state playoffs, high school and college, good luck and stay on top of your work!

Best of Luck


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