A Myriad of Presentations

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This past week in Age of Ex, we had our final presentations from our Renaissance unit and the presentations ranged from Prezis to only picture Power Points to presentations that didn’t use technology at all. We have been given a lot of preparation, including reading and writing assignments, and an intro project, to introduce us to the art of a great presentation. The purpose of these presentations is to effectively engage the audience while delivering the information or intended message. We have been encouraged to use different techniques to capture the attention of the listeners.

           After seeing all the presentations from my classmates, I realized the tremendous improvement we have made since the Mini Intro-Project. Our first presentations were reminiscent of reluctant Middle School humanities projects, where the presenters stood at the front and read their facts off of a interminable Power Point presentation with more words than pictures and the audience tried not to close their eyes or check the clock too many times when the teacher scans the room. I think we all know this scene.

Although I can’t say that there weren’t times during these presentations that my eyes drifted out the window, I was far more engaged overall. I loved seeing all my classmates’ solution to the problem of “Death by Power Point”, a common term in the classroom. I do admit that I used Power Point for the format of my presentation, but all the slides were pictures of the art I was talking about with no words. One of the presentations that stuck with me the most was by my friend, Nathan. He had everyone stand up, put an index card on our foreheads, and organize ourselves by the numbers on the cards. Once we were all in a line, we read out what was typed on our cards and Nathan explained the significance of each fact on the timeline and went into greater detail. Some other presentations that stood out to me were a 3D model of a church using a computer program, a poster with Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketch of the human body, and, on Halloween, the presenter being dressed in a Batman costume.

I am a very visual learner, so it makes sense that I was most interested in the presentations with visual aspects. I think the most interesting presentations are the ones that have an extra touch, like something the presenter made or put extra effort into, rather than just words and pictures on a screen. I hope we can all learn from every project we do, and recognize what worked well and what didn’t to improve the next time.  If our projects continue with so much progress everytime, I have no doubt that by the end of the year we will be finishing our projects with incredible engaging and interesting presentations.

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