Text or no text, that is the question?

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Lately in Age of Ex, we have been doing a lot of presentations and while watching everything on the screen, some of the main tools that are used are either PowerPoint or Prezi. This got me wondering whether or not using text is a good idea or bad idea. Most of the time, people seem to think that if there is no text on the screen and plenty of pictures, then the presentation will be considered good. I feel that this method only works to a certain extent though.

Pictures are great! They give the audience something to look at while listening to the information given. But the response you get from your audience also depends on the image given. No one wants to stare at a picture that they can’t understand. Also, the picture might be interesting at first but if it is the same slide for a long period of time then it just gets boring.

A lot of text is normally used in a negative context, but sometimes this is not the case. If you flood the screen with text, this tends to mean that the presenter is not that prepared so has to rely on the screen to present. I believe that when there is just a little bit of text on the screen it is a good thing. The text is mainly of the key points, so the audience really gets an understanding on what your talking about because they can read it.

The best presentations are definitely a combination of both though. Pictures to keep the audience interested and text so the audience gets the main ideas. With a passionate presenter, the audience will surely enjoy the topic presented.

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