Unorthodox Teaching Methods

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Many, if  not all of you, are familiar with the regular teaching regime at schools. We have all, at some point in our lives, been lectured and then expected to take notes. I, in particular, have grown rather fond of that old method of teaching. Learning was easy. All you had to do was listen intently to the teacher, ask questions to clarify any information that you needed clarification for, and finally memorize. These ancient routines are what I expected from Mike Gwaltney’s Age of Ex class.

However, I was shocked to find that not only would there be no lectures, but presentations given by us, the students, in an interesting and informative way. I would not have a teacher telling me how to learn, but rather have an instructor show me a beginning and expecting me to find my way to the end. There would be no direct answers from teachers anymore, but rather, another opportunity to exercise researching skills and delve into the massive sea that is the internet. I almost felt that I had been given almost too much freedom, yet I felt empowered. I believe that for once in my academic career, I had been given as much responsibility as a teacher. The way I see it, there are pro’s and con’s to the madness that is the equal partnership teaching method. Some pros are, we improve our expertise in researching, whether using a book or database, we become a better researcher. The flip side is we can choose to do nothing, and simply waste all of that time playing games or doing other work. However, I feel that most students enjoy this change in teaching because it’s a whole new experience.

To conclude, the new and fascinating teaching style may have frightened me in the beginning, but I have come to enjoy researching and creating presentations. Infact, I even started to use new material, that I never even thought to use for a project. I cited a video that contained a lot of great information and this experience made me realize that I should not be afraid of looking into different resources. When it comes to the rest of the skills I need to develop, I still have a long way to go when it comes to presenting, but I feel I am going to learn a lot this coming semester.

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