Technology: Friend or Foe?

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We all realize that technology is more than just a part of our everyday lives. For some people it truly is their life. But what’s also interesting is that technology has no specific age target. I see everyone from children to full-grown adults using some sort of media related technology.  Almost too often I witness kids as young as seven with cellphones. I mean really? Who on earth is a seven-year-old going to text or call? But the demand for new technology is only increasing. People can’t wait to see, and more importantly buy the next big thing that arrives on the market. Technology has integrated itself so tightly into our everyday lives that I feel as if the world would sooner or later fall apart without it.

Now that we can’t deny the magnitude of importance that technology holds, we can argue about how it has begun affecting us as individuals. I for one know that I can’t sit still unless my iphone is somewhere within 10 feet of me. I also feel uneasy when I don’t have immediate access to the Internet. I even know for a fact that if something were to happen to my laptop I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. The dependency I have developed for these things is not something that will simply go away.

Because technology is everywhere and has become utterly unavoidable, I have subconsciously made it a huge part of my academic career. It has even come to the point  when a teacher asks us to go to the library and find a book for research I can’t help but feel a little part of me die inside. Why would I do this when I can find the answers to all my problems with one click of a button? Why should I spend my time searching for a book that I probably won’t use? Unfortunately, this is what my thinking has become. But this makes me wonder, is technology really making all aspects of my life easier? Although it’s something that I treasure and value, technology has turned me into the worlds greatest procrastinator, and I’m sure it has done the same to others. Even though it has helped my school life in many aspects it has also made me loose attention and focus. I can’t spend more than ten minutes working on an assignment without being tempted to watch television or browse the Internet. Sadly, I believe that my academic career is suffering from all the temptations of technology.

But even so, I am fully aware of how it has made me thrive in school. It has provided me unique learning opportunities such as this, blogging. It gives me the chance to explore and research on my own and is slowly teaching me how I, as a student, learn best. Technology is providing me with useful tools for learning and even though it becomes difficult to focus and stay on task with all its temptations it doesn’t have to be that way. Our laptops, cellphones, and televisions can all serve as remarkable educating tools. So even though technology has given me some difficult times, there is no denying how much I rely on it and will continue to do so because of all the great benefits it creates for me as an avid learner.


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