Strong Presenting

Posted on October 24, 2012 by


Watching the TED talks has made me think of how presenting works. All through middle school presentations were done on powerpoint, boring, and not effective on getting the material across. Recently, my group in Age of Ex did a project on the scientific revolution and looking back on the presentation (on youtube) it was hard to watch, the time could not have gone by slower.

A good presentation keeps the audience interested, alive, and not drooling. Knowing your lines, having an interactive presentation can help make a strong presentation. Using analogies to connect concepts to everyday life, comedy can keep the audience engaged and happy. Another rule I have seen is do not over bloat a powerpoint with words, use quick snappy phrases to keep the audience interested. Eye contact can make a presentation more sincere and show the audience you know your material without notes.

Less is more, too many words and details lose the audience, illustrate your ideas. Keep the material interesting and relative do not waste the time of your audience. A solid presentation should leave behind a few main points if you can ask an audience member a week later about your presentation and some main ideas and he or she remembers, the presentation was well received. Think of your project as a story, beginning, middle, and end. Each section has a different point. What is your idea of a good presentation?

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