The Art of a Presentation

Posted on October 22, 2012 by


Throughout the past few weeks in our Age of Exploration class we have been learning about how to give exciting presentations. During this time, I learned about the power of humor as well as the power of story telling in a presentation. I have spent time reviewing some videos of TED talks that range from Ken Robinson to Steve Jobs. I noticed a trend throughout all of talks: Each talk was initiated with humor to grab the listener’s attention and followed up by a story to keep the listener interested.

Here is a link to a video of Steve Jobs:

If you spend your time watching the video, you can see how he starts off the talk with a bit of humor, followed by a story the interests the listener. In this particular video, Steve Jobs is speaking at a Stanford Graduation.  His story is relevant since it is talking about his past at colleges, and how he dropped out. Jobs then asks the audience a question, to bring their attention directly on him.  He then uses this opportunity to reveal some of his past to the listeners and connects himself with his audience.

Although I am no master of speeches like Steve Jobs, I have learned a lot from these talks, and hope that I can use the tools that I have observed in my own presentations.  I would hope that my audience would be excited to hear my presentation while I share my knowledge with them. The way a speaker presents his material will affect whether the listener learns about or ignores all the critical pieces of information in the presentation.  Speakers who use techniques like these great TED talk speakers use, will most definitely keep the attention of their audiences.

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